Multi-Function Bottle Washer

The Features You Need If you are interested in dramatically accelerating your bottle washing process, integrate our fully automated Multi-Function Washer into your operation.

• Built by a leader in the field of commercial Bottle & Growlers washers
• Machines built to industrial standards
• Machines built to last (for thousands of duty cycles)
• User-friendly automated control panel
• Low water consumption
• Capable of washing 450 to 600+ bottles/hour (based on available water supply and bottle size)
• 2 gal. 5 kw insulated hot water booster for 190°F+ rinse
• Choice of 3 pre-programmed wash cycles
• Integrated low maintenance peristaltic feed pump
• Quick cleaning integrated waste filter
• Solid 16 gauge stainless steel construction
• Plastic-coated racks made with durable stainless steel
• Large 22? unobstructed chamber opening
• Adjustable levelling feet
Load Capacity
• 30 bottle/cycle load capacity for 750 ml and 1 liter standard bottles
• 16 to 25 bottle/cycle rack load capacity for 1.5 liter standard bottles
• Rack adapter accommodates 30-200 to 500 ml bottles
• 16-64 oz. Growlers simultaneously
• 4 Carboys simultaneously
• Custom-built on demand
Hot Water supply: ½” I.D. flexible hose with ¾” garden hose connection. We recommend a 60 gallon hot water tank, set up at 140° with minimum flow pressure 50-60 psi.
• 1 inch I.D. flexible drain hose
NOTE: Older washers with a small motor assembly must use a 5/8? I.D. drain hose.
Electrical Requirements
• 208-240 V, 60 Hz–30 amps (model MFW300-U–2 kWh power consumption)
• 220-250 V, 50 Hz–30 amps (model MFW300-E–2 kWh power consumption)
• CSA Approved